Catch a Car starts in Geneva November 5th 2016

By Ramona Rinderknecht & Alex Vavourakis | 20.10.2016

A great moment for urban mobility in Geneva. Catch a Car launches its free-floating carsharing in Geneva!

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Hello Geneva!
100 cars «VW eco-move up !», fueled by natural gas, are available for you in the entire urban zone in Geneva, also in Carouge, Lancy, Vernier and Chêne-Bougeries.



Simple concept
Catch a Car will turn you independent, flexible and mobile at any time. The concept is simple: As a member you can locate and book one of 100 Catch-cars by smartphone or website and drive spontaneous from A to B. When you have finished using the car, leave it on an authorized, public  parking space inside the Catch-Car zone.

You only pay for the duration of your trip; fuel and insurance are included in the price.

One-off registration fee CHF 25, no annual costs.

Journey rate CHF 0.41/min

Parking rate CHF 0.25/min


Get drive credit now!
Register now with promo code CATCH25GE
on, so you will be ready to set off on November 5th. You will receive your member card by mail within 2 working days.

Until November 6th you can profit from a drive-credit of CHF 25 on your member account with promo code CATCH25GE.

Visit Catch a Car on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.



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Domenico Migliorini

26.10.2016 04:25
It is not fair!! In the registration page there was no mention at all that the promotion was valid for only one day!!!!! I made the subscription, I payed and now I discover only here that I have the promotion valid only for the 6th of November (since the service starts the 5th). I will not be in Geneva those days !!! Moreover from the application I cannot distinguish the valid parking zone and the cars are NOT marked on the map! Not even in Basel where the service is supposed to be up and running and available also for new customers. Bottom line: our relation starts very badly! 25chf almost stolen! For a Cartogo customer your attempt sounds quite amatorial... I wish for an improvement!

Catch a Car

26.10.2016 06:30
Dear Mr. Migliorini The promotion is only valid until the 6th of November to get the CHF 25 drive credit when you register for CHF 25. This drive credit will be added to your member account and doesn't expire. The cars are not marked on the app and the member account at the moment, because the cars will only arrive in Geneva on the 5th of November. You can't reserve cars on the Homepage, but by our member account online or the app. I hope its more clear, otherwise please don't hesited to contact us at as you already have done. Sincerely

Domenico Migliorini

26.10.2016 09:34
I have been pretty well impressed by the prompt processing of the "info-ticket" asked this morning, the 25CHF credit issue is now clarified, thank you. Nevertheless still it is not clear why in the mobile application, are not marked the vehicles in Basel, where I should have full clearance to se the service, or not? Moreover in both maps, always in the mobile application, the parking area is not highlighted...! It is this a minor issue may be but very useful at least at the beginning. Again as a User of CarToGo in Europe and the States I suggest you guys to have a look to the functions and may be also the design of their application....:)

Domenico Migliorini

12.11.2016 03:26
So...after trying the service I came to this conclusion that I detailed in the French side of this blog: I guess i will use it when I find myself in the center, with a lot of things to carry better during the night when there is no traffic, to go home or where it is not so difficult to find a parking slot. I add that it is good that this new service exist, it gives more options for mobility in Geneva. Nevertheless it does not revolutionize my life... And I love revolutions:)