How it works


Pay a one-off registration fee of CHF 25 and submit a driving licence that is valid in Switzerland (and manual transmission cars): within two days we send you a member card that gives you instant access to all Catch-Cars. If you're a SwissPass holder the process is even quicker.


Easy to book

Book your Catch-Car using our convenient app.


Take the wheel and off you go

Open your Catch-Car using your member card. Hold the card up briefly to the checkpoint on the windscreen. You'll find the ignition key in the key fob holder underneath the glove compartment.


Simply park the car when you've finished

You can drive the car wherever you want – even across the border into neighbouring countries. On an interim stop, lock your Catch-Car using the key. This ensures it remains reserved for you. When you've finished using the Catch-Car, simply park it inside the Catch-Car zone and close with your member card.

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Become a member

Register for Catch a Car in a few easy steps.