Free-floating car sharing with Catch a Car


Your car – wherever and whenever you need it. Catch a Car is your flexible, urban, contemporary car sharing provider in Basel and Geneva. Benefit from having a vehicle at your disposal at all times without having to worry about annoying duties such as refueling, car washing, maintenance, taxes or insurance.


Maximum flexibility with free-floating car sharing


Catch a Car is a modern form of car sharing that doesn’t tie you down to returning the vehicle to a particular location: you use the intuitive smartphone app to find a Catch Car that’s in your vicinity. You drive it around as far and for as long as you want. It costs no more than CHF 0.49 per minute – all inclusive. Longer trips are charged on an economical flat-rate basis. On arrival at your destination, simply park the vehicle in any authorised parking space within the Catch Car zone in Basel or Geneva and lock it using your membership card. A return to the starting point of your journey is not necessary. The payment is made by creditcard and accurately to the minute.

Tip: Here’s how to find available Catch Cars in Basel and Geneva.


Parking’s easy with Catch a Car


On arrival at your destination, simply park the vehicle in any authorised parking space. These include any bay within the Catch Car zone for which a resident’s or Multizone permit is valid, or any designated bay for which no charge is made. In addition, three designated parking bays are provided at Basel’s Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) station, and five at the EuroAirport. Geneva Airport also provides five designated bays for Catch Cars. Please bear in mind that trips to and from the airport incur a supplementary flat-rate charge of CHF 10. If you arrive to find all the designated bays occupied, simply call our 24h Service Centre, and our agents will find you a suitable alternative.

Here are details of the parking rules for Basel and Geneva.


Get in and drive off – that’s how easy car sharing can be


To use Catch a Car, you go through a simple registration process and pay a one-off fee of CHF 25. Within two days, you receive your membership card through the post; this doubles as a keycard for all the Catch Cars. Then all you have to do is get in and drive off. The ignition key is located in a holder beneath the glove compartment. Our service team even take care of the refuelling. If, though, you do need to fill up during a long trip, don’t worry: refuel, keep the bill, and Catch a Car will reimburse the amount on your memberportal . Also, with Catch a Car you won’t have to organise the servicing, tyre changing or cleaning of the vehicle...

Tip: if you’re already a SwissPass holder, the registration process is even simpler and quicker: just call our 24h Service Centre on 0848 824 000.


How long can I keep a Catch Car for?


Catch a Car offers all the freedom you need for your personal mobility: if necessary, you can reserve a Catch Car up to eight hours ahead, and you can make interim stops during your reservation – even outside the Catch-Car zone. 

Need a car for longer? No problem, Catch a Car offers a choice of two flat rates: each hour costs up to CHF 25, while a whole day is no more than CHF 125. This means you can use one of our cars for an extended trip and avoid all those extra formalities. These flat rates also come into play when you reserve a Catch Car for a relatively long period or make an interim stop.

If you have lots to carry or you’re going on holiday with all the family, we suggest you try Mobility.


Fully mobile freedom is yours!


There's almost nothing you can’t do with Catch a Car: the vehicles come with the Swiss motorway toll sticker, and driving abroad is allowed. Others can benefit from your mobility, too: take your friends to the club in the evening. At lunchtime, drive to your favourite lunch spot with your colleagues – assuming it’s too far to walk. Ferry your child to his or her football training session – the rear seats have space for two booster seats. In short: do whatever you’d do with your own car... without any of the associated extra hassle.


Catch a Car – overview of costs


With Catch a Car, once you’ve registered and paid your one-off fee of CHF 25, all you pay for is what you actually use since the moment of reservation. There are no running costs or annual subscriptions. The pricing structure is really simple: each minute of driving, parking or reservation time costs CHF 0.49. Once you exceed the one hour mark, you incur the hourly flat rate of CHF 25. And if you use the Catch Car for an extended period, the value-for-money daily flat rate of CHF 125 applies. These prices include all taxes and insurance premiums, all servicing and maintenance (including seasonal tyre changes), parking charges and fuel. Here, once again, are details of the Catch a Car pricing structure.


Who can use Catch a Car?


Catch a Car is essentially available to everyone: all you need is a driving licence that’s valid in Switzerland for manual transmission cars and a credit card. Learner drivers are prohibited from using Catch Cars. Domestic pets must be transported in a designated animal container. Smoking is prohibited in Catch Cars. Our T&Cs set out the relevant rules and regulations.

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