Zero Waste Switzerland – Goodbye waste

By Sabrina Felder & Adrian End | 12.09.2017

In Switzerland, we count, a year and per capita, 730 kg of waste all in all among which 339 kg are not valuable. Near half of our waste, thus finish in the incinerator and produce atmospheric pollutants.

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In Switzerland we count about 730kg of trash per person and per year, whereof more than half (339kg), end up at waste combustors and generate air pollution. Even more problematic are the resources and the energy that has to be expended. Many things are already meant to be thrown away during the production process. We must put an end to such a dissipation. To resolve that issue, the Zero Waste Switzerland association comes into play.

Bea Johnson applies as a pioneer in the Zero Waste lifestyle. She has been living with this behaviour for over nine years. Just as many others Natalie and Julie have been inspired by this movement. Hence, they have established the Zero Waste association. Driven by the vision of a waste-free country, by now the association counts more than 250 members.

“For several years, we questioned ourselves on the methods of consumption of our society and looked for a way to make the Swiss population sensitive in the problem of waste. By seeing our trash cans overflowing and the birth of the zero waste movement in the world, we then had the idea to join our strengths and to create the Zero Waste Switzerland association in 2015.”


Zero Waste initiative: the 5R method
The concept is based on a 5R method: Rethink, Reduce, Reuse (& Repair), Recycle. This system aims to an effective reduction of the vast amount of waste. The associations four principles are: Respect, dialog, positive communication and joint measures.

Contribute and change the world
Take the first step. Everybody can help improving our environment in the long run. Become a part of the Zero Waste Switzerland association and contribute changing our world with an innovative concept. We aim to generate an economic and ecological viable society.

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