Now from Geneva Airport straight home with Catch a Car

By Marion Willam | 6.03.2017

From now there are 5 reserved parking spaces for our Members at Geneva Airport.

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Catch a Car in Geneva – a young success story
Catch a Car is available in Geneva since about 4 months. A total of 100 cars enable our Members to get from A to B spontaneous and flexible. David, an early member, described his impressions in our blog-post. Our concept has since convinced many more members and it’s become a big part of Geneva’s city life.

5 new parking spaces – boundless flexibility for our members
So far the Catch-Car-Zone included the city as well as Carouge, Lancy, Vernier and Chêne-Bougeries. From now on our Members have the pleasure of 5 own parking spaces at Geneva Airport. With this, spontaneous trips to the airport are possible, without thinking about parking fees. On the other hand, this expansion enables the other way too – from the arrivals straight home. An additional fee of CHF 10 will be charged for trips to and from the airport, because the parking spaces and cars are guaranteed. If all spaces are full for some reason, you can call the 24hour service-center and they will find you another solution. The barriers open by license plate recognition. If you have any problem, please use the emergency-button at the barrier. We strongly recommend the members to inform themselves about the access road to these parking spaces before their first trip to the Geneva Airport. Watch the video below or check the parking rules.

We’re excited to give our members another piece of flexibility and are curious about the first users of this service. Not part of Catch a Car yet? Sign up now!

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Translation: Alex Vavourakis

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Domenico Migliorini

08.03.2017 08:17
Very well this is a great news !