From the office to the airport

By Kim Bäuerle | 9.05.2017

Extending the Catch-Car zone to include Geneva Airport has brought Mr. Indaco a number of benefits.

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Mr. Antonio Indaco lives in Carouge and is the director and editor of Winter Sensations Magazine. He’s also one of the first members to have used Catch a Car at Geneva Airport.

"Catch a Car is the simplest, least expensive way to do this kind of trip involving a number of stops."

You’re one of the first members to make the trip from the airport in one of our cars. What was the reason? 
My work involves quite a lot of travelling. This particular Catch a Car trip followed a business trip. They often last a few days, and after I land the Catch-Car allows me to stop off to do some shopping to top up the fridge. I also like to pass by the office when I get back. Catch a Car is the simplest, least expensive way to do this kind of trip involving a number of stops.

Why did you choose Catch a Car and what are the main benefits?
For me, one of the advantages is not having to hire a taxi. Stopping off at the office and the shops means I would have to keep the taxi meter running. The maths are simple: Catch a Car is more cost-effective and handier.

What should other members think of if they want to use Catch a Car to travel to or from the airport
I’d advise them to plan ahead. It’s important to know where the five Catch a Car bays are and how to get to them, so you know how much time you need to get to the check-in desk, for example. (The simplest thing is to visit the Geneva Catch a Car website and navigate to drive and park or watch the video.)

I’d just like to end by pointing out I had difficulties finding the bays at the airport the first time I used Catch a Car.

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