5 reasons to use Catch a Car

By Anabel Díez | 13.09.2017

Do you want to visit someone who lives in an area that is not well served by public transport? Do you have shopping to do? Do you have an early morning flight? Our carsharing offer is the solution right in front of your door! Your car everywhere, where you need it, when you need it!

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It’s easy

Catch a Car says hello to simplicity. All you need is an internet access and a drivers license. Register online, download the app, book a car and go!

It's affordable
Have you ever realized that your car remains unused 95% of the time? In such a case, it is more advantageous to forget your own steering wheel, and to start using Catch a Car. Catch a Car is like having your own car without the expense and constraints of maintenance, repairs, fuel, insurance, as well as parking. With Catch a Car you pay only the actual use of the vehicle, in minutes. In short: All the advantages of an individual vehicle without the disadvantages.

It's ecological
Thanks to Catch a Car there are fewer cars on the road. As a result, traffic and noise decrease, there is less pollution, and the air becomes more breathable and healthier. In addition, the Catch a Car offer makes its members more aware of the use of the individual car. If the concept of Catch a Car continues to prevail, the demand for car parks will be reduced and there will be more room for green areas. The planet says thank you!

It's Independent
Flight early in the morning? Luggage to transport? This is no longer a problem with Catch a Car and the flexibility that this offer gives you. Catch a Car allows you to be independent and spontaneous as if you had your individual car in front of your door. Catch a Car is not a substitute for public transport but rather a complementary offer to make its members even more independent of the schedules. Catch a Car is simply the fastest way to get from one place to another.

It’s convenient
From home to the cinema by train, from the cinema to the nightlife with the Catch-Car and the return by Taxi. Catch a Car adapts to all situations. Don’t worry anymore about parking, with Catch a Car you can park your vehicle for unlimited duration on the blue and white public parking spaces in the Catch-Car zone.

Register for a one-off fee of CHF 25. No subscription. No annual fees.

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Shalini Trefzer

15.10.2017 18:28
Looking forward to trying the service.

Shalini Trefzer

15.10.2017 18:29
Looking forward to trying the service.