Bonjour Genève – vous pouvez démarrer!

By Ramona Rinderknecht & Alex Vavourakis | 5.11.2016

Chers Genevois

Ça y est, les 100 Catch Cars sont réparties et sont dès maintenant à votre disposition!

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100 Catch Cars à votre disposition
Pour les membres qui se sont déjà inscrits et sont déjà en possession de leur carte membre, l’indépendance commence dès aujourd’hui! Au cas où vous n’êtes pas encore membre, inscrivez-vous ici.
En tant que membre vous pouvez localiser et réserver une des 100 Catch-Cars par smartphone ou via le site web et vous déplacer avec d’un point A à un point B. À la fin de votre trajet vous déposez la voiture sur une place de parking publique dans la zone Catch-Car.


Ecrivez-nous de votre première expérience, faites nous savoir comment a été votre premier trajet, ici sous la fonction commentaire ou à info@catch-a-car et aussi avec des photos sur les réseaux sociaux avec le hashtag #catchacar.

Nous nous réjouissons de révolutionner la mobilité urbaine avec vous!

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10.11.2016 14:12
J’arrive ! Bientôt je serai à la gare de Genève et je vais chercher ma première catchAcar! On vas voir si ce sera une belle expérience !


11.11.2016 06:39
Nous aurions souhaité que Veyrier soit une commune desservie en zone Catch a Car, déçus!

Migliorini Domenico (mimmolimmo)

11.11.2016 16:39
So we tried catch a car finally. Grade 3/5 (in Geneva) We wanted to go today during no rush hour time to Geneve baby plage to bring our two cats for an emotional trip. At 15 we left home to look for a "catch a car" in the area of Parc Bertrand-La Florance. There were two vehicles at 0.5 km distance. In 5-10' walk we were there. You first have to "reserve" the car and afterwards pick it with the card. Reservation requires your pin code. After few attempts the car opened, pick the keys and go. We arrived after 10 minutes or so to our destination and than we struggled to find a suitable parking place. The trip last around 25'. We did the same trip on our way back, with less problems for the parking but more traffic. At the end 25' service again. More or less the all thing costed 20 CHF. Bad Sides: - The application counts the duration of your rental, but it does not really stop correctly when u conclude the trip. Nevertheless they are very nice at mobility and they say that normally it does not matter and in case they would trust the costumer word...(Minor) -In Geneva the traffic/parking situation in center/station is quite terrible. Using a car is not usually the best option even in non-rush hours (important) - One cannot pick a car directly without a phone using just his card, since there is no on board computer that controls your pin...(Minor) - One has to pass a car more times before the car actually opens after u reserved it (Minor) Good sides - The costumer service responds promptly and efficiently, moreover the feeling is that you are dealing with a human who is not stack to some tight procedures, they listen and try to fix the problem as humans and not as robots. - It is relatively easy to find a car around. The application does its job although may be there have been few little bugs.. -Tha car is big (can fit 4 people) and easy to handle is not like "cartogo" service and this is a plus on this respect.

Migliorini Domenico (mimmolimmo)

11.11.2016 16:40
Overall: The experience is nice and works easily and the company has made a great upgrade using a service where u do not have to pay a fixed fee and where you can find and park the car with your phone. The big problem is that in general in Geneva there is quite some slow traffic and often is very hard to find a suitable parking place, think if u want to go to the center in Rive or a la Gare Cornavin or at Eaux-Vives: very difficult to find a free slot at the conditions these cars have for parking (no blue lines). In this way it takes 10' at least to find a parking place and often not exactly where u need (4 CHF more). From our place to go to Eaux-Vives by feet is 15', it took to us 35' including the time to go and pick up the car. By public transportation (if u do not have the subscription) costs 4-6 CHF in two and takes 15-25'. With catch a car it costs almost 10 CHF. May be cheaper than a cub but still the balance cost/efficiency is not the best. I guess i will use it when I find myself in the center, with a lot of things to carry better during the night when there is no traffic, to go home or where it is not so difficult to find a parking slot.