Car sharing gives people unlimited mobility without private car ownership. The smaller the number of private cars on the roads, the more positive the impact on the environment, energy consumption and traffic. The stated aim of Catch is to reduce traffic, energy consumption and the demand for parking space.

The ecological sustainability of Catch a Car:

  • One Catch-Car replaces four privately owned cars 
  • Catch a Car members cover a distance of some 560’000 kilometres per year less in a privately owned car, saving 45’400 litres of petrol per year.
  • Energy-efficient fleet: Catch a Car buys new cars whose level of CO2 emissions is already 27% below the Swiss Federal Council targets for 2015.
  • Catch a Car uses 100% green energy from hydroelectric power.

The impact of Catch a Car on the mobility behaviour of individual members and on the environment was the subject of a scientific study conducted by ETH Zurich. You will find a summary of the ETH study here.

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