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As of 6 April 2017, the SwissPass can also be used to open Catch-Cars. Flavio Lack is one of the first members to have used the SwissPass as a car key. Read more about his experience with Catch a Car.

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It was actually by chance that I happened to be on the Catch a Car website and that’s where I found out that you can now use the SwissPass to open a Catch-Car. I naturally took up this offer right away since I always have too many cards in my wallet. The SwissPass idea is practical and convenient because it kills two birds with one stone: Catch-Car and public transport – and that’s a great advantage to me as someone who lives in the city. 

The easy way to get from A to B
I often take a Catch-Car from A to B so as to save time, for example, and it gives me the opportunity to drive a car every now and then. If my destination is outside the Catch-Car zone and I don't know how long I’ll be staying, I cover the rest of the trip by tram or bus to avoid having to pay parking fees. Of course there are times when I wish the Catch-Car zone could be expanded further into the outskirts of Basel. 

„I signed up for Catch a Car as soon as I passed my driving test, so I don’t want or need my own car at the moment.“

Flavio Lack, Catch a Car member

Fantastic scheme – no need to have your own car
But since I live in the city and don’t necessarily need a car, the scheme is fantastic as far as I’m concerned. I signed up for Catch a Car as soon as I passed my driving test, so I don’t want or need my own car at the moment. Anyway, owning a car generates additional costs I’d rather save.

One of the advantages is that I don’t need to ask friends to borrow their car if I have to pick up or deliver something in the surrounding area. 

I can come back by car if I want to, but I don't have to. So I can get where I’m going conveniently and quickly, but if I want to have more than one beer, that’s not a problem – I can leave the Catch-Car in a parking space and get home just as easily by public transport. You can park in all public parking spaces within the Catch-Car zone. 

My first trip in a Catch-Car
Since I’ve been using Catch a Car for some time now, I can't actually remember where I went on my first trip. But it was certainly one of my first outings without a passenger (friend or driving instructor) – and as any motorist knows, the first trip on your own is always a little nerve-racking.

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