Boundless driving pleasure: David on the road with Catch a Car in Basel and Geneva

By Alex Vavourakis | 21.12.2016

Student David Wenk is the first member using Catch-Cars in both cities. Let him tell you why he does it and how he uses the carsharing offer.


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From driving school straight to Catch a Car
I saw ads somewhere for Catch a Car and was instantly interested. Soon after getting my driving license, I registered and since then I really enjoy driving with the cars.

Driving in Geneva and Basel
I study in Geneva (International Affairs and Law), but I have grown up in Basel and still have my parents home there. That’s why I can profit from Catch a Car in both cities. I use the offer mostly on weekends in Basel and to be more mobile in my free time, whether for a visit or to ride with friends into the city. In Geneva I use Catch a Car less because of heavier traffic than in Basel and it takes longer to find a parking space. But if I would do a larger purchase or to get further out the city and back, I would use Catch a Car. I enjoyed my first ride in Geneva, because in my opinion, the comfort of the cars has greatly improved. Those cars, fueled by natural gas, are better to drive and are obviously newer, since Catch a Car launched in November 2016 in Geneva.

Together from A to B
It’s especially handy when you’re on the move with several people. When I use the carsharing offer with two friends, who both would have to get a bus ticket, it’s more cost-friendly to use a Catch-Car. For me alone, it’s not always worth it, as public transportation usually is a bit cheaper and I have a GA travelcard. However, I enjoy driving a car and that’s why I am using Catch-Cars time and again.


Safely and cost-efficient on the road
It’s worth booking an economy package if you drive often in a short amount of time. Also, since I don’t want to take any unnecessary risks, I purchased a liability reduction.

My wish: More cars
I would be very pleased if more Catch-Cars would be available and if the price would be reduced a bit. That’s what I would do, if I would be the manager. Sometimes there’s no car close by. I believe more people would use the offer if the amount of cars would be increased. My reason for using Catch a Car is because it’s simple and you don’t have to do anything else then just get in and get out again.

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Translation by Corinne Bättig & Alex Vavourakis

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