A life without plastic: Simple tips for your everyday life

By Sabrina Felder | 7.11.2017

Do you think it is possible to live without plastic? Or at least with a reduced volume of it? We give simple tricks leading to a big change.

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Do not use PET-bottles
Not only is the PET harmful, but the amount of resources used to produce and transport it are enormous! Just bring your own bottle wherever you go, fill it up at home and on the road. Top it up wherever you go. Did you know that all the wells in Switzerland run with drinking water (except if it is explicit mentioned)? So just fill up your recyclable bottle there for a change.

Bring your own shopping bag
A one off investment into a cloth bag or a rucksack is worth it on the long run! Keep in mind that your reusable bag can be used for food, electronics, clothing and many other purchases.

Give up on chewing gum
In Fact, chewing gum is made of plastic! Barely imaginable but true. For its production, they use a substrate called “polyvinyl acetate”; Canada has even put it on the list of toxic substances. In addition, it takes about ten years for one single gum to be fully recycled.

Avoid frozen foods
Simply sliding a pizza into the oven and your dinner is set up. However, have you ever noticed that the pizza is usually wrapped in plastic? Due to all the frozen foods a lot of unnecessary plastic is produced and wasted. Just pull yourself together, spend that few minutes to cook fresh, and by yourself – earth and your body are thanking you.

Bypass packaging
Around 15% of your food’s price (i.e. packed salad) covers the cost for its wrapping. Many shops are trying to avoid plastic wrappings or are even selling their products without any packaging at all. Go try them out!

All beginnings are difficult but even tiny steps and a bit of awareness can influence a lot. You can take part on many challenges just like plasticfreechallenge or plasticfreejuly, they are helping you reduce your own consumption of plastic.

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