3 years Catch a Car

By Team Catch a Car | 25.08.2017

It’s been three years since we’ve launched Catch a Car in Basel. You are the pioneers of free floating carsharing and have proved that this type of concept also works in Switzerland. Our team says: THANK YOU!

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3 years of being independent and flexible are behind us – a huge success that wouldn’t have been possible without you. Incredible how quickly time passes: It feels like we have just started yesterday in Basel and now we’re celebrating our 3 year anniversary and have launched in Geneva.


A little review
Many inputs from our members have gone into our growth-process. Let’s have a look at some of the things we have created together:

August 25th 2014: Catch a Car launches in Basel with 100 white VW up’s!

July 8th 2015: Expansion to EuroAirport with 5 fixed parking spaces

July 14th 2015: Increasing our fleet to 120 Catch-Cars

April 13th 2016: Our pilot-project is a success and we’re expanding

October 1st 2016: ETH-study shows: 1 Catch-Car replaces 4 private cars, hence Catch a Car has reduced 363 cars in Basel.

November 5th 2016: Catch a Car launches in Geneva with 100 Catch-Cars fueled by natural gas

March 6th 2017: Catch a Car now at Geneva Airport with 5 fixed parking spaces

April 6th 2017: The SwissPass opens your Catch-Cars

May 9th 2017: Catch a Car now in SBB’s Trip Planner

June 21st 2017: No more policy deductible with Catch Zero

Since our launch in 2014 we’ve built a community, have grown together and shown that free floating also works in Switzerland. What will follow in 2018? We’re excited for new innovations, projects and to keep improving our carsharing product. Of course we want to make more cities independent!

Thanks to our members for all the feedbacks, chats and talks. We love to hear from you! Write us in the comments if you have further inputs or follow us on social media. You can also write us on hello(at)catch-a-car.ch

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1628 Aufrufe